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CX-1000 Teching Instrumen Source:  2011-9-19  Click 3742
CX-1000 Ultrasonic Teching Instrument
I. Main features
1. The circuits are composed of electronic components which can be pulled out and inserted, it’s convenient for fault designing and testing
2. The 4 modules make it easy to see the sigal processing and signal direction
3. The test point is structured as circles, it’s convenient to test with Oscilloscope
4. Matching Experimental teaching material for test by teachers and students
5. Output video interfaces and keyboard interfaces to connect monitor and keyboard
6. Matching 80 elements electronic convex probe and 8.4 inch color LED monitor
7. 7 false color switch
8. Aperture changeable dynamic combined electronic focus and acoustic lens focus with 17 steps, 8 frame correlation processing, 8 gamma correction processing
9. This product is a national patented device, the patent number is: ZL2009 2 0037391.9

II. Performance parameters
1. Pullable and insertable components
2. Mode of scanning: electronic convex scanning
3. Probe: 3.5MHz (80 elements) electronic convex array probe
4. Mode of display: B, B/B, B/M, M
5. Monitor: 8.4 inch color LED monitor
6. Mode of focus: aperture changeable 17 steps dynamic combined electronic focusing and acoustic lens focusing
7. Image processing: 8 steps frame correlation processing, 8 gamma correction processing, images post processing
8. False coded technology, 7 colors selectable
9. Detection depth: 200mm
10. Gray scale: 256
11. Power supply frequency: 50Hz±2Hz
12. Over voltage and currency surge protector
13. Input power: 100VA
More parameters when keyboard is out connected
1. Image zoom: 1.0×, 1.2×, 1.5×, 2.0×
2. Images left-right convertible, up-down convertible
3. Body marks: 16 (10 for adults and 6 for fetus)
4. 8 steps STC adjust
5. Rich software for various measure and character display

III.  Special features on use on structures
     Four modulars included:
     1. 80 elements electronic convex array probe
     2. Modular for ultrasound emission, detection and pre-processing
     3. Modular for focus, detection and amplify of echo sigal
     4. Modular for DSC digital image processing
     5. Modular for CPU control
     This system posesses more than 70 pullable and insertable components, more than 300 test points, which provide convenience for fault set and test

IV. Main application of this system
       1. To study the princles of B mode ultrasound scanner
        2. To learn how to operate and use B mode ultrasound scanner
        3. To learn how to design and repair B mode ultrasound scanner


V. Matching documents for teaching
Applicable experiment teaching guide materials are along with this system, according to which schools can promote the following 23 experiments in two parts

Part 1
1. The emmiting circuit module
2. Front set amplify module
3. Asymmetric synthesis signal multiplex switch module
4. Variable aperture control circuit module
5. The entire sequence of time-lapse confocal signal synthesis circuit module
6. Dynamic filtering and amplifying circuit module
7. Time gain compensation circuit module
8. Logarithmic amplifying circuit module
9. Detection circuit module
10. Channel edge enhancement circuit module
11. Filter circuit module
12. Output amplifier module
13. DSC scan conversion control module
14. The video processing module
15. Single chip computer and graphics control signal
Part 2
1.      Image not scanning phenomenon diagnosis and troubleshooting
2.      No image area diagnosis and troubleshooting
3.      No image display diagnosis and troubleshooting
4.      Wrong time display diagnosis and troubleshooting
5.      Partial color diagnosis and troubleshooting
6.      Wide dark band(s) in image area diagnosis and troubleshooting
7.      two dark line in image area diagnosis and troubleshooting
8.      Image area lact gain and image is too bright diagnosis and troubleshooting

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