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Strong Strength

1, scientific research strength

The company has a highly effective innovation, efficient research team, all of the bachelor degree or above, have DuoNian design development experience, has the independent ability to develop the products, and have their own intellectual property rights. The main design team has DuoCi went to the United States, South Korea and other developed countries to study the latest technology, follow the development trend.

2, the production ability

The company is located in jiangsu province production area of xuzhou economic development zone PanTao no. 39 mountain road, we own the land more than 10000 square meters and a building area of 8000 square meters. The beautiful environment, and the air is clear, the transportation is convenient, has the advanced production line, the production of various kinds of medical imaging equipment 4000 sets. Company set up the office, technology department, production department, quality department, lg, service department, Marketing Department, the finance department, agency, and strictly according to ISO9001 quality system requirements for the management and service.

3, the raw material supply strength

The raw material stock channel strictly according to ISO9001 quality management system, to supply raw materials manufacturers strict selection, select optimal optimal. Mostly international well-known raw materials manufacturers. Company to the supplier to build the supplier of the archives, more than 240 are listed on the qualified supplier name list \"from source to guarantee the quality of the product.

4, quality assurance:

The company has professional quality inspection personnel team and advanced testing equipment and testing method, completely according to the ISO9001 international quality management system operation, can promptly to the whole process of production for a strict control of the various processes are strictly checks. There is a high precision testing equipment of imitation human body tissue ultrasound module, grounding resistance tester, leak current tester, compression tester, transistor tester, characteristic signal generator, semiconductor devices tester, optical amplifier Taiwan mirror, oscilloscope, computer and affiliated equipments, Hitachi oscilloscope, digital electric bridge, one-way pressure regulator, frequency characteristics, tester, video signal generator, semiconductor tube characteristics is here.

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